Promoting Education Across India | DPS Rajbagh Kathu, Jammu & Kashmir | Social Webinar

#Promoting #Education #DelhiPublicSchool #Social Free education till the age of 14years is a constitutional right of every Indian citizen. But there are only a few who have been successful in utilizing this Right. Sometimes lack of awareness in these youngsters cause them their future. On the other hand there are committed leaders who are in a constant fight to eradicate such predicament. Today we have such a leader as our guest of the day, who has been promoting education across India especially in the rural areas to uplift the society. About the show: CampusCare Social is an exclusive platform where top educators come on together to share their valued insight. Entab CampusCare Social is an initiative where educators get an opportunity to come forward and share their thoughts about education and other aspects of life.  The show aims to uplift the level of education by sharing the best practices followed around the globe. It brings to light some personal experiences and thought-provoking ideas of the educators. About the guest: Mrs. Nirmal Mahna, Principal, DPS Rajbagh Kathu, Jammu & Kashmir.